The Pharmaceutical Innovation Graduate Program (PPGIF) at the Doctoral level, is a Networking Program of the following High Education Institutions: Federal University of Pará, Federal University of Goiás, Federal University of Amazonas and Federal University of Amapá (UFPA / UFG / UFAM / UNIFAP). It aims to: 1. Train qualified human resources at the doctorate level, for teaching and research in innovation involving: planning, synthesis, pharmaceutical and analytical development of ingredients and pharmaceuticals, with emphasis on Amazon and Cerrado biodiversity and the needs of the North and Midwest regions; 2. Promote the qualification of professionals working in pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, government agencies and private establishments that carry out activities inherent to the pharmaceutical sciences, enabling trained professionals to advise government agencies and private sector institutions in the search not only for solutions to problems pertinent to the area, but also to foster the production of innovative knowledge in the field of drugs that enable greater competitiveness; 3. To consolidate the existing research and qualified vocational training activities in the North and Midwest regions of the country; 4. Seek the strengthening and transfer to the industrial productive sector of research, development and innovation in Brazil with the main objective to obtain originally national drugs and medicines that can enable the beginning of innovations in Brazilian pharmaceutical production in the North and Central West, being open to the community.

The PPGIF was recommended by CAPES on April 27, 2012 and approved by the UFPA on January 21, 2013. The first selection process was held in March 2013.