Area of Concentrarion: Drugs and Medicines

Description: The field of pharmaceuticals comprises multidisciplinary contents involving the drug that is designated as a known chemical and of defined chemical structure with pharmacological property, and the drug as a pharmaceutical product, technically obtained or prepared for prophylactic, curative, palliative or for diagnostic purposes, that is a finished pharmaceutical form containing the drug, generally in combination with pharmaceutical adjuvants. Training in this area will enable you to know all the stages of the process, from discovery to approval for commercialization.


Research Line:

Planning, Research, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Natural Products and Bioactive Molecules

Description: To rationally plan new drug prototype candidates, to associate with classic organic synthesis tools such as bioconversion and molecular modeling to promote chemiodiversity in substrates of natural or synthetic origin. Apply in vitro methodologies to study the metabolism and screening of potential activities or eventual toxicity of the new compounds obtained.


Research Line:

Pharmaceutical, Analytical Development and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

Description: Develop new products from inputs from the regional flora, implement and validate analytical methodologies for quality control of natural and phytotherapeutic products. To evaluate the pharmacokinetics and therapeutic activity of new drugs and medications.